Canal man arrested for discharging cousin’s loaded firearm at ‘626 Bar’


A 33-year-old man of Belle West, #2 Canal, West Bank Demerara was arrested by Police ranks at around 23:40 hrs Friday at the ‘626 Bar’ at Good Hope, East Coast Demerara, after he allegedly discharged a loaded firearm.

According to Police Headquarters, the suspect and his 28-year-old cousin, a businessman of Bel Air Village, Georgetown, who is a licensed firearm holder of a Taurus pistol, were at the bar consuming alcohol, when the suspect (who had his cousin’s firearm in his possession) took out the pistol from his waist and discharged a shot in the air.

“Following the ordeal, the Police were alerted and promptly responded, which led to the suspect and several other persons being contacted and searched. The firearm mentioned above and 11 matching rounds of ammunition were found in his waist. He was then told of the offence, cautioned, and arrested,” the Police press release noted.

According to the release, the suspect mentioned that the firearm was given to him by a friend, who Police later learnt was his cousin. The area was searched, and one .32  spent shell was recovered.

The cousin subsequently told the Police that the firearm belonged to him and he was also told of the offence, cautioned, and arrested. Both persons were escorted to the Vigilance Police Station along with the firearm, ammunition, and spent shell. The weapon and ammunition were lodged, pending further investigation.

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