11 COVID deaths since year started; Health Minister wants more children vaccinated


For the year so far, Health Minister Dr. Frank Anthony said 11 people died after they were infected with the novel coronavirus that causes the disease COVID-19.

Dr. Anthony, during his COVID-19 update on Monday, said that eight of the 11 deaths were recorded in January. The remaining three were recorded in February.

Meanwhile, there are currently 34 people infected with the disease across the country. Four of the infected persons are from Region Two, three in Region Three, 11 in Region Four, one in Region Five, five in Region Six, six in Region Seven, and four in Region Nine.

Even so, Dr. Anthony said, “… this might be an underrepresentation of how many cases are in the general population.”

He believes that fewer people are testing for COVID-19 and as such, may believe that they have the common flu and not COVID-19 since many of the symptoms are the same.

With deaths and cases still being recorded across the country, he is pleading with people to get vaccinated. Even for those already vaccinated, he said booster shots are crucial.

However, just about 13 per cent of the eligible population has taken one COVID-19 booster shot. And about one per cent of the population took their second COVID-19 booster.

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