Jacobs Jewellery to spearhead development of  jewellery-making school


In a bid to play his part in the up-skilling of young people, Steven Jacobs through his business, Jacobs Jewellery & Pawn Shop, will soon develop a school to teach the craft of making jewellery.

The school is expected to be done with strategic partners and it is an idea formulated from his recent visit to Indore, India where the former national cricketer was part of a contingent, led by President Dr. Irfaan Ali, to attend the Global Investors Summit.

That meeting bore fruit as Jacobs partnered with M/S Singhvi Jewellers, who are dealers in high-quality 18k and 22k gold and diamond jewellery.

Apart from bringing some of their products to Guyana, he wants to develop a mechanism where Guyanese can learn the art of making quality pieces.

“When people come here, they always say ‘let me get a piece of Guyana’s gold’…Guyana is on a development path and we need to have an influx of people and new development ideas. We are in talks to develop a jewellery-making school because where Guyana is headed, we need to make sure that we keep manufacturing our jewellery”, Jacobs revealed in a recent interview with the News Room.

The engaging trip to Indore opened Jacobs to different perspectives of how the private sector can grow the country, especially understanding how best to use human resources and how to recruit specialised personnel to train Guyanese.

Jacobs Jewellery & Pawn Shop has a team of young people making quality gold

“It is not the responsibility of the government only, but it is the responsibility of the Private Sector [too], so we need to be more creative, innovative in terms of bringing new ideas.”

Jacobs, who partnered with national cricket captain, Leon Johnson, to start a construction company, also revealed that the dialogue on the trip enlightened him on how best he can move that aspect of his business forward and by extension, bettering the economy.

With calls intensifying for more persons to form partnerships to tap into the growing demand for various services, Jacobs contended that an essential facet is that persons must have the willingness to learn and seek advice from successful business people.

There is room for further growth as out of the St. Barnabas Accord Agreement with Barbados and Guyana, Jacobs explained that a jewellery hub with stores from Guyana is expected to be placed at their terminals.

From February 24-26, Jacobs Jewellery, Raj Jewellery, and Sookraj Jewellery are expected in Barbados for its Agrofest.

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