BOSAI worker reportedly trapped after mining area collapses


A Linden, Region Ten resident who is employed with the bauxite mining company – BOSAI Minerals – is reportedly missing.

The operator has been identified as Neptrid Hercules.

The News Room understands that Hercules was working a bulldozer to clear a plot of land in the wee hours of Saturday when the land caved in.

Several hours later, Hercules remains missing and is believed to be trapped beneath the ground.

Efforts are being made to recover his body


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  1. Patricia Pierre says

    How sad! What a horrible death for one to suffer. I am hoping that systems would eventually be put in place to stop these tragedies from reoccurring. No one’s life is safe. So many people have already lost their lives when they go under. My sympathy goes out to Mr Hercules’s grieving relatives.

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