Days after, Region Nine man still in shock after caiman attack


Days after he was attacked by a caiman while fishing at the Takutu Pond in Region Nine, a 25-year-old man is still trying to recover from the incident which claimed his arm.

The News Room understands that the incident occurred on Sunday while Russell Allicock of Annai, Region Nine and four other friends were on a fishing trip.

In an interview with the News Room on Tuesday, the injured man’s cousin, Stewart Edwards, said Allicock was in the pond attending to the seine when he was attacked by the caiman.

“Was four of them but he (Allicock) and another guy were in the pond, bringing up the seine to take off the fish from the seine,” Edward said.

“One of his friends on the land shout and say that the caiman was at the back of him and by time he ducked, the caiman grab him on his leg and spin him in the water. It spin him about three times and the fourth time when he ask for a knife, that is when he juk the knife in the caiman throat,” he explained.

By that time, Edwards said the caiman had already grabbed onto Allicock’s hand.

“When it lose him then is when they (friends) get the chance to get him up and bring him ashore,” he said.

According to Edwards, persons would frequent the area to fish although they are aware of the presence of caimans there.

Allicock is currently admitted at the Lethem Regional Hospital. His condition is listed as stable.

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