For the first time in history, PPP/C contesting Den Amstel constituencies


The People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) dominated Region Three on Monday’s Nomination Day and for the first time in history,  the party will be contesting all four constituencies within the Den Amstel, which falls under the Hague/ Blankenburg constituency, West Coast Demerara.

This year, a total of 124 candidates representing the PPP/C will be contesting the constituencies within Region Three, which consists of 14 NDCs stretching from the island of Wakenaam to Patentia/ Toevlugt on the West Bank of Demerara.

PPP/C Representatives of the Toevlugt/Patentia NDC will also be contesting in the upcoming Local Government Elections. (Photo: News Room/ April 17, 2023)

Minister within the Ministry of Public Works, Deodat Indar, told the News Room that the governing party has broken record by contesting all four constituencies within the Den Amstel area.

“In this particular NDC, Den Amstel we have not been able to compete effectively in the past. But this time around, on this Nomination Day, we have four constituencies,” Indar said.

Party representative, Daren Jordan, who is contesting in one of the constituencies, said the party plans were effective and all of its strategies worked out.

“We will continue to do our work coming this Local Government Election. Den Amstel is a place that we have created history today and we will continue to do so, more so on the day of the election,” Jordan said.

The PPP/C was also the first to submit their lists by mid-day for each constituency within the region.

“Every single constituency and every single list we are the first in this region. This is not just with Den Amstel or the Hague/Blankenburg NDC, everywhere in the region,” Indar said.

In fact, to make this possible Indar said some party representatives took up spots outside GECOM office since Saturday.

“…The candidates maintained their first position since Saturday morning on a consistent basis,” he told the News Room.

The News Room on Monday spoke to two candidates of the party, who are contesting for the first time within the Hague/ Blankenburg constituency.

PPP/C Candidate, Alicia Persaud (Photo: News Room/ April 17, 2023)

They shared their plans to develop the communities which they said have been at a “standstill” for some time now.

PPP/C Candidate, Kevin Dundas (Photo: News Room/ April 17, 2023)

“For our community, we would really like to help develop it more especially since it is highly populated with a lot of youths. We would like to out them out more to the front. More development for them. More projects. Keep them off the streets,” PPP/C Candidate Alicia Persaud said.

Meanwhile, another candidate of the party, Kevin Dundas said “for a long time we have been at a standstill with development and other communities have been developed.

“So we don’t want to be left behind per say so we have to take a step forward to getting things done”.

The PPP/C currently controls 12 out of the 14 NDCs in Region Three.



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