‘Cinderella’ carriage now a popular attraction in Essequibo


Baskarran Bhagwandin, a skilled welder from Charity, Essequibo, is gaining recognition for his exceptional work. His latest creation, a stunning Cinderella carriage, has captured the attention of many and has become a popular attraction at the Bacchus Park in Affiance.

Baskarran was initially hesitant about the project, but he challenged himself and successfully completed it. It is little wonder the piece of work is attracting so much attention as Essequibo is known as the Cinderella county.

Baskarran Bhagwandin and his son

The overwhelming response to his work has motivated him to strive for even greater success and to encourage young people to skills training, such as welding.

His father’s advice to “creep before you walk” is something he has held on to and he has taken one step at a time as he works towards expanding his operations.

Baskarran’s goal is to expand his business to Georgetown.  (Aviskar Deonarine)

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