Guyana to experience drought this year


After at least two years of wetter-than-usual conditions across Guyana, representatives of the local hydrometeorological service believe that Guyana will soon experience a period of prolonged drought when the rainy season ends in July.

Climatologist Komal Dhiram explained that Guyana experienced La Niña conditions at least over the past two years. Because of that, the country faced wetter-than-usual conditions, resulting in above-normal rainfall during some months.

An El Niño period, which usually encompasses drier-than-normal conditions, usually follows the La Niña, Dhiram said.

As such, the hydrometeorological service is predicting that Guyana will begin experiencing El Niño conditions from July, at the end of the May/June rainy season.

Dhiram said a drought is generally a deficit in rainfall quantities. And those deficits usually start in small quantities and gradually get larger.

It is not yet known when this period will end but Dhiram assured the public that the hydromet service will issue monthly forecast updates so that stakeholders are kept apprised of the weather conditions expected.

He, however, stressed the importance of preparing for the drier-than-usual season.

“That will have a severe impact on Guyana regarding agriculture and other things,” Dhiram told the News Room.

Farmers in particular should adopt certain measures that will ensure that they have a steady supply of water during the El Niño period.

Importantly too, the climatologist explained that some regions of Guyana are expected to experience drier conditions than others due to the unavailability of rainfall.

Along the coast, for example, farmers have developed irrigation systems that will keep their lands wet but areas in the hinterland depend more on rainfall.

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