Murder at Alpha hotel: Woman stabbed 13 times, had left abusive relationship


Kim Halley, the 46-year-old woman who was murdered by her husband, Junior Halley on Thursday afternoon and left in a room at the Alpha Hotel at Ogle, East Coast Demerara (ECD), was stabbed 13 times.

According to a Police report, 13 stab wounds were seen on the woman’s face, hand and body. Upon further examination, investigators saw that her throat was also slit.

The woman’s body was found in room 235, at the bottom flat of the hotel. A black handle knife was seen next to the body; the blade was found in her hair.

According to the woman’s sister, Gail Harris, Kim left her husband about one month ago after being in an abusive relationship for some time. She moved out of their Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara house and was residing in Georgetown.

The murder took place at the Alpha Hotel at Ogle, ECD (Photo: News Room/May 4, 2023)

“She say that she ain’t able with this, so she move out. When you can’t take it more, you do what you have to do, that is life.

“She say she going, so she just move out and she leave. She tell me ‘sister I ain’t able with it no more’ and before it get worse, she leave,” Harris said.

Harris is hoping for justice especially since her sister was so brutally murdered.

“They find her at a hotel where the murder go on….I come right here where it happened and there is where I see…so much stab wounds (and) her neck slit,” Harris told the News Room at the scene.

The distraught sister said she had no idea Kim was back with her husband and did not know where in Georgetown she was staying.

The couple had two children together.


Meanwhile, the Police report offered details on what reportedly transpired at the hotel. Kim and Junior arrived at the hotel at 13:30 hrs and checked in at the hotel at around 13:45 hrs.

Chris Marlon, a 19-year-old, said he was painting the hotel when he saw the Junior waiting near the guard hut. Later, Marlon was walking in an alleyway when he heard screams from the room.

About 15 minutes later, the painter recalled Junior leaving the hotel. At about 14:45 hrs, Drupattie Williams, the hotel’s receptionist, went to the room and saw that the door was slightly ajar. She then found Kim’s body on the bed.

Police were then contacted but when they arrived at the scene, the woman was pronounced dead.  At about 16:30 hrs, Junior went to the Criminal Investigation Department where he reportedly confessed. He was arrested and placed into custody.

An investigation is in progress.

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