Woman says walked out of seven-year relationship after husband threatened to burn house with her inside


A woman who is being accused of absconding with her three children, ages 3, 5 and 7, has broken her silence.

In an interview with the News Room on Thursday, Aea Diguar said she left her Planters Hall, East Coast Demerara home where she lived with her reputed husband, Christopher Scotland for the last seven years, because he threatened to burn the house with her inside.

In fact, Diguar said Scotland even threatened to kill her if she should leave him and as a consequence, she left unknowing to him and his family.

She is adamant that her new living arrangements offer safety for herself and children.

Diguar said a quarrel between herself and Scottland on Saturday last became ugly and it was in that moment that she made the decision to leave.

“I just get fed up because it’s like seen years I living with he and he does torment me and he ain’t making no change.

“He always threaten me and tell me if I try leave he, he gon kill me.

“Me ain’t want no body burn down no house with me because I get three children, so I pick up myself and move, I think that was the best thing,” she said.

Diguar said no Police reports were made but she intends to do so soon.

She also intends to have her children enrolled in new schools as early as next week.

She said claims that Scotland never hit her are untrue. She said Scottland’s family were also well aware of what she was going through.

“Since we living, he knock me like two times.

“When he knock me, he two sisters witness it, so they could talk but I know is there brother so they gon pick up fuh he,” the woman added.

Scotland’s sister, Diana Mcgarrell, told the News Room that the woman left with the three young children and all their personal belongings in a heavily tinted vehicle around 07:30 hrs on Wednesday.

She is pleading with Diguar to return with the children.

Diana said there were “normal misunderstandings” from time to time.

“She said he quarrelling with her a lot… is not like he does beat she,” Diana had told the News Room.

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