Fire rips through two houses, seven homeless


The Guyana Fire Service has come under heavy criticism for showing up unprepared at the scene of the fire at Bushlot Village, West Coast Berbice on Thursday night and is being blamed for the destruction of a house that has since left seven people homeless.

The News Room understands that just before midnight on Thursday, a fire started in an unoccupied wooden house in the community and it quickly spread to the neighbouring house.

The family was asleep at the time and was only awakened by a neighbour pelting items at their window to alert them to the fire.

Seventeen-year-old Bibi Isahack told the News Room that she lived in the upper flat with her grandmother and two brothers while the bottom flat was occupied by three tenants.

The scene of the fire

The frustrated Isahack believes that their home could have been saved if the fire service acted swiftly while at the scene.

She said they arrived with “barely any water” to battle the blaze and with a trench nearby as a water source, the firefighters reportedly did not make any effort to access the water.

“Dem cudda save we house, dem come without water…the people had to literally beg dem to put the pump in the trench to get the water. Dem literally watch [we] house burn down…”

The now homeless teenager alleged that the firefighters were reluctant to access water from the trench and it was two residents who volunteered to go in to get the water.

“When dem people go in the trench and done dig, then dem tell people the pump not working. Not even half tank water they come with, everybody had to beg dem, they literally stand up and watch…”

The family estimated millions of dollars in losses since the house was completely destroyed.

Persons willing to assist the family can make contact with them on 681-9017.

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  1. Patricia Pierre says

    My sympathy goes out to the Ishavk family on their heavy loss. It is not an easy thing to have to stand and look on at all one’s earthly possessions destroyed by fire. It leaves one to wonder what would be next in store. It is an u.ncertsin future. . I do however hope that they receive the financial and other assistance that they urgently need at this time.

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