Lethem residents get land titles as housing plans take shape


Some 81 residents of Tract CHPA (commonly called Poke Bridge) in Lethem got their land titles recently as the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) intensifies housing plans in the Region Nine.

These residents are the first set of allottees to receive their ownership documents.

Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal said Friday last that at least 580 lots have been distributed in Lethem since 2020. Of that number, about 575 lots were distributed in the Poke Bridge area.

Because of this, significant infrastructural works are also being executed to guarantee that residents can occupy the area.

The Poke Bridge area (Photo: CH&PA)

“The investment alone on that tract is over $1 billion,” Croal said.

Meanwhile, the distribution of these titles comes as the ministry, through the Central Housing and Planning Authority, is pushing several housing plans in the region.

One such plan is the Lethem Housing Support Programme, which has seen a number of houses constructed already.

Under this programme, the first 48 houses are nearing construction while the construction of another 52 should start soon.

A resident getting her land title from Head of the CHPA’s Conveyance Unit, Esther Stephen (Photo: May 26, 2023)

Additionally, about 58 vouchers have also been issued to Region Nine residents under the Steel and Cement Housing Subsidy.

The region will also benefit from the Hinterland Housing Programme. The Minister said the region will receive spin-off benefits from these initiatives, such as job creation and expansion in a variety of sectors, including transportation.

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