Millions stolen from Hubu businessman; Police arrest suspect, recover money


Police investigators on Tuesday recovered millions of dollars in cash and arrested a man following a break and enter and larceny committed on a Hubu businessman’s office Monday night.

The businessman reported that a total of $2.3 million was stolen after the close of business on Monday.

At 06:50hrs on Tuesday, an employee reported to the premises for work and discovered the bathroom window was pushed up on the lower flat of the building.

He then entered the storeroom where he discovered the window and the door for the storeroom were also opened. The office staff later discovered the cash missing.

The police were called in and CCTV footage was reviewed.

Police went to the home of the suspect, a 23-year-old male, where searches were carried out but nothing was found. He was arrested and escorted to Parika Police Station.

At about 18:00hrs, he confessed to police that he had indeed committed the offense and then led police to a home located at Hubu, East Bank Essequibo where he showed them a black plastic bag hidden in a washing machine.

Inside the bag, police discovered a quantity of cash which was taken to the Parika Police Station, counted and amounted to $2.1 million

The recovered cash was lodged and the suspect remains in custody assisting with investigations.

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  1. Don A Gomes says

    Excellent police work!
    Security cameras are important.
    This police team should get a reward from the businessman.
    All is well that ends well!

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