Dharam Shala pensioner was slated to go home but beaten to death before son showed up


Relatives of Dharamdeo Singh, the pensioner who was beaten to death, allegedly by a resident of the Fort Canje Dharam Shala, was slated to go home for father’s Day on Sunday, June 18.

The 62-year-old man’s son, Ravindra Singh told the News Room that the man left his home about two months ago and somehow ended up at the elderly caretaking facility.

Singh died on Sunday after a beating he received at the hands of Mohamed Khan, 70.

The younger Singh said about two months ago his father left their home and the family searched for him but did not locate him.

Eventually, he accompanied a friend to the facility to visit someone and he saw his father.

The man reportedly told him that a taxi dropped him off at the facility and he complained about the way he was being treated.

On confronting the caretaker, Singh was told that his father is not treated badly but that he has a ‘hot’ mouth.

Singh Jr. said he promised his father he would return to take him home this week.

Suspect: Mohamed Khan

“I tell he I gon come and get him out before father’s day because the condition I living in, I don’t have water or light where I living.

“When I come back home, me and my bother discuss things and said we have to go and take out we father from there before father’s day. That would’ve happened this week,” Singh Jr. said.

He further explained that his father had a stroke ten years ago and as part of treatment, he would exercise by walking. That was how he ended up at the facility.

“When they go and see he in the hospital, he face was in like a pool of blood cause like they beat he in the head and he hand break,” Singh Jr. said.

On Monday, the Police said the man died as a result of an incident that took place Sunday at about 21:00 hrs.

A resident of the facility claimed that he saw the suspect enter the ward with a piece of wood in hand and an argument ensued between the suspect and Singh.

It is alleged that the suspect walked up to Singh, who was on his bed and lashed him about the body several times. The man was rushed to the New Amsterdam Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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