BREAKING: Killers were contracted to steal Coast Guard’s car; buyers later refused the purchase


The killers of Coast Guard Lieutenant, Rondel Anthony Douglas were allegedly hired to rob him of his car by two men who were willing to pay $700,000, Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum told the News Room on Thursday.

However, after the murder was committed, the buyers reportedly refused to purchase the car and the killers were forced to abandon it on Stone Avenue, Georgetown, the Crime Chief further noted.

He said two suspects, Joshua Parris, 25, of Block ‘Y’ Sophia, and Randy Clairmont Wrights are currently in custody.

Parris was the alleged shooter and Wrights was an accomplice in another car.

The Crime Chief said both men were questioned and they have since admitted their involvement in the crime.

Parris was arrested by the Police on Tuesday after a wanted bulletin was issued for him, while Wrights was apprehended on Wednesday night.

Police had also issued a wanted bulletin for Jamie Ghanie who remains on the run.

Three other men including the mastermind, who was identified as ‘Fox’, are also wanted.

The investigation was spearheaded by ranks of the Major Crimes Unit.

Parris has since provided detectives with a detailed account of what transpired.

According to information reaching the News Room, Parris told investigators that on Wednesday, June 07, the day Douglas was murdered, he received a call from a friend name ‘Fox’, who informed him that he had a ‘wuk’ for him.

The ‘wuk’ was to steal Douglas’ car since there was already a buyer who wanted to pay $700,000 for it.

As such, he agreed and met with ‘Fox’ in Sophia where they both waited for Randy, who eventually arrived at around 20:00hrs in a white Premio motor vehicle.

‘Fox’ was armed with a black gun which he gave to Parris, the News Room was told.

Thereafter, Parris and Randy made their way to Herstelling on the East Bank of Demerara in a bid to secure a taxi to transport them to Farm, EBD. However, the driver refused.

As such, they were forced to devise another plan. So, they went to Alladin Taxi Service at La Grange on the West Bank of Demerara where they hired Douglas, who worked as a part time taxi driver.

‘Fox’, posing as a passenger, boarded the car driven by Douglas. They were followed by Randy.

However, as ‘Fox’ was on the Demerara Harbour Bridge, Randy lost track of Douglas’ car so he called ‘Fox’ and they started to speak in codes, causing Douglas to slow down.

And to catch up with them, Fox stopped to purchase Superbet credit.

Eventually, ‘Fox’ led Douglas to a dead end at Cul-de-Sac Street, North Ruimveldt, where the crime took place.

By time ‘Fox’ and Douglas arrived there, Parris was already there.

He made his way through a shortcut to get to Douglas’ car while Randy waited at the other street, in the getaway car. ‘Fox’ was seated in the front passenger seat of Douglas’ car.

Parris then pulled the driver-side seat of Douglas’ car and tried to pull him out, but Douglas put up a fight with him.

As such, ‘Fox’ intervened by choking Douglas, but despite this, the army rank continued to fight back.

It was at this point, that ‘Fox’ handed Parris the gun. However, by this time, Douglas had managed to get out of the car and put up a fight with Parris.

As he ran behind Parris, he was shot once.

Parris then boarded Douglas’ car and he and ‘Fox’ fled the scene.

But the plan was still incomplete.

So ‘Fox’ and Parris met up with Randy and they drove to Bel Air Railway embankment to meet up with the person who contracted them to buy the stolen car.

Randy followed them in his car.

Upon their arrival, they observed a vehicle parked in the street with two men who were there to purchase the stolen car but the men refused when they learned that Douglas was killed.

‘Fox’ then made his way to Sophia, where he bought bleach and soap powder to wash off the blood from Douglas’ car.

They then decided to abandon the car on Stone Avenue, where it was recovered by the Police.

As the probe continues, Blanhum said efforts are being made to apprehend ‘Fox’ and the two men who contracted the suspects to purchase Douglas’ car.

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  1. Matthew says

    700,000.00 G$……….and up to 6 lives lost, one forever and the other 5 gardening for 25 years at Mazuruni? for the princely sum of 3333.33 USD???????

    Not a single brain cell amongst the whole lot of them.

    RIP to the hardworking GDF.

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