Businessman died from blunt trauma to head, father remains in custody


Thirty-six-year-old Makema Deonauth, the businessman who was found dead in his city apartment earlier this week died from brain hemorrhage due to blunt trauma to the head compounded by compression injuries to the neck.

The autopsy was conducted on Wednesday by Pathologist Dr Nehaul Singh, whose opinion suggests that Deonauth was either cuffed or hit with a hard object to his head.

Investigators believe that Deonauth was a victim of foul play.

Police Commander, Simon McBean told the News Room that the man’s father, a well-known city businessman, remains in Police custody.

Deonauth was discovered dead on the morning of June 12 at his Regent and Cummings Street, Georgetown apartment by his father, who had reportedly claimed that he fell and hit his head.

Reports are that Deonauth was last seen alive on June 10. It is alleged that his father went to the apartment to check on him after he was unable to reach him via telephone.

Deonauth was pronounced dead at the scene; his body reportedly bore several marks of violence, including around his neck.

Deonauth lived alone in an apartment situated in the upper flat of the three-storey building.

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