Dharamlall hires Nigel Hughes’ law firm following sexual assault allegations


See below full statement issued by Hughes, Fields & Stoby law firm:

The allegations of misconduct by Minister Nigel Dharamlall which first surfaced in social media last week now appear to have attracted the attention of the Guyana Police Force and the Child Care and Protection Agency.

Mr. Dharamlall has retained the services of a firm of Attorneys at Law to represent him and protect his interests.

Mr. Dharamlall remains willing and disposed to assist in a full investigation of the matter. All the allegations are denied.

In the interest of a fair investigation and the necessity to protect the interests of all parties concerned, we urge that speculation, wild accusations, pre mature judgments and unsupported conclusions be avoided.

Until further advised by his Attorneys, no further statements will be issued by or on behalf of Mr. Dharamlall.

Dated this 19th day of June 2023.
C.A. Nigel Hughes.
Hughes Fields & Stoby.

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