Dharamlall rape allegation: Police Force says standard procedures followed in investigation 


See below full statement issued by the Guyana Police Force:

The Guyana Police Force wishes to address the concerns raised by a journalist and can confirm that all Standard Operating Procedures were followed in the conduct of this investigation.

At no time whatsoever was any of the minors involved in this investigation questioned in the absence of a parent and a welfare officer.

More importantly, at the time the virtual complainant walked investigators through the alleged crime scene, under the supervision of a Superintendent of Police, the accused was NOT present, since he had already left as he was instructed to do by investigators.

Finally, at no time did the virtual complainant or her parents make any request TO THE POLICE for any attorney-at-law to be present. At all times, the virtual complainant and her parents were in the presence and hearing of the Childcare Officer, and this fact can also be corroborated by her.

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