20 years jail for man who beat, raped & robbed elderly woman


Broan Luke called ‘Brian’ was on Wednesday sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for the 2021 rape, robbery, assault, and burglary committed on a 64-year-old woman.

Last month, Luke, 47, of Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) pleaded guilty to the charges before Justice Simone Morris-Ramlall at the High Court in Berbice.

On Wednesday, during the sentencing hearing, a probation officer told the court that the victim remains traumatised and cannot sleep in her own bed since she is tormented by the memories of Luke’s “barbaric actions.”

Police Prosecutor, Muntaz Ali reminded the court to protect the vulnerable in society, especially the elderly, as the convict had broken and entered the home of the woman.

He highlighted that Luke carried out the “brutal and inhumane treatment” of a woman and the need to send a strong message to like-minded offenders.

While delivering her sentencing remarks, the judge told the court that, among other things, she considered that Luke showed no remorse for his actions and the psychological trauma the victim endured.

The judge, after taking into consideration the nature and prevalence of the offence, sentenced Luke to serve 20 years.

The disturbing incident occurred in August 2021 when Luke broke into the home of a 64-year-old woman while she slept.

He violently attacked her, holding a knife to her neck and inflicting multiple injuries. Luke also sexually assaulted the victim in front of her terrified granddaughter. He then proceeded to rob the victim of $100,000.

Following the assault, the victim’s son was alerted, and he immediately reported the incident to the Police. Luke was subsequently apprehended at his residence.

During Police questioning, Luke admitted to consuming vodka and marijuana before breaking into the house.

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