20 years jail for man who stabbed, dumped girlfriend’s body in trench


Durn Hunt called “Rasta” was sentenced to 20 years jail for the 2018 murder of his girlfriend, Itesha Frank, who was stabbed and dumped in a trench at Queenstown, Corriverton, Berbice.

Hunt, 38, formerly of Crane Street, Queenstown was sentenced by Justice Simone Morris-Ramall at the Berbice High Court for the capital offence of murder which occurred on October 15, 2018.

During his sentencing hearing on Wednesday, a probation officer told the court that Hunt had a mental breakdown and would often threaten persons in his community; the court was also told that he uses illicit drugs such as marijuana.

“Beast” and heartless,” the probation officer said are two words that the villagers used to describe Hunt, who they said should remain behind bars since they feel much safer.

Hunt told the court, “I’m very sorry. I’m taking my treatment and I stop smoke weed.”

Attorney, Surihya Sabsook, told the court that his client is taking his medication and is currently working to reform himself while behind bars.

Police Prosecutor, Muntaz Ali, however, asked the court to hand down a sentence that is reflective of the crime committed. He said that the sentence must serve as a deterrent to like-minded individuals that such acts against women will not be tolerated.

In her sentencing remarks, Justice Morris-Ramlall noted that violence by intimate partners cannot be condoned and such crimes are a plague in society.

“His conduct towards her was cruel and callous. He evidently did not value her life as he snuffed it…,” the Judge said.

In the end, Hunt was sentenced to serve 20 years with time spent on remand to be deducted.

The News Room had reported that Frank, 38, was attacked at around 08:30 hrs on the day in question by Hunt, her boyfriend of six weeks, who allegedly slashed her throat and stabbed her multiple times about the body.

Frank’s body was fully covered in mud as she was pulled out of the trench.

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