Harris Paints assists with Uncle Eddie’s Home


The senior residents of Uncle Eddie’s Home located in the Tucville neighbourhood of Georgetown, are enjoying the comfort and relaxation of wonderful new living quarters recently redecorated with Harris Paints.

The project was initiated by Guyana’s Food for the Poor who reached out to Harris Paints for assistance with refurbishing the Southern Wing of Uncle Eddie’s Home, an important institution in the community for almost 50 years.

The facility houses 18 elderly residents and provides general housing and benevolence programs.

Colour is an important part of managing health and well-being and a palette of two shades of grey and white was selected to create a soothing and calming surround for those who live there.

Grey provides a soft backdrop that is peaceful, balanced and reassuring. A spokesperson for The Home says since the remodel residents are now gravitating to the Wing and spending more of their time there.

Before the project was completed (Photo: Harris Paints)

Harris Paints Limited Guyana donated some 30 gallons of paint and other painting supplies including brushes, trays and rollers for the Helping Hands Volunteers to assist Food For the Poor Guyana Inc in uplifting the facility.

Senior Manager of Gifts and Kind Food for the Poor, Jimeel Davis, who oversaw the renovations said that they were very pleased with the performance of the paint; it applied well, dried fast and had low scent which was important for the health of residents.

They also remarked it covered very well with one coat and only applied the second as it is the recommended standard practice.

Food for the Poor is an organisation which emerged in 1982 when Ferdinand Mahfood was inspired to serve God in a more intimate and committed way. He devoted his experience in business to be a ‘beggar for the poor’.

The completed project (Photo: Harris Paints)

With the charitable donations raised, he started a chain of giving, that today results in relief projects and programs in Guyana and more than two dozen countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Retail Services Manager of Harris Paints Guyana, Nigel Dodson said that he was happy to be on board with Food for the Poor for this project.

“It was a delight to be able to partner with this exceptional charity, and give back to those in need, especially the elderly, many of whom have already given so much to their community,” Dodson said.

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