Prices for meat, eggs remain affordable at major markets

As gov’t strategic measures continue to cushion cost of living


The PPP/C Administration has placed utmost importance on the agriculture sector, aimed at enhancing Guyana’s capacity for food production and mitigating food insecurity.

The government continues to be committed to improving output and productivity through increased acreage and technological use, diversification into new crops and varieties, promotion of high-value and value-added products, including agro-processing, and facilitating easier access to markets for farmers and consumers.

Chicken and other meats at the market

Accordingly, commodity prices for root crops, vegetables, fruits, meats, and other goods continue to be reasonable in the main marketplaces nationwide.

In relation to prices for meat and eggs at various markets last week, the average market price for beef stood at $633.33 per pound. A pound of beef is being sold for $680 at Stabroek, $650 at Bourda, $700 at Mon Repos, and $600 at Rosignol Markets.

Meanwhile, the average price for local chicken per pound is $476. Consumers can purchase a pound of local chicken for $500 at Stabroek, $460 at Bourda, $480 at Mon Repos, $360 at Bath Settlement, and $340 at Rosignol Markets.

To lessen its reliance on importing hatching eggs, the government plans to create a bio-secured small ruminant breeding plant and invest in a broiler breeder facility.

A local white egg is being sold for $45 at Stabroek, Bath Settlement, and Bourda. Also, if you are purchasing from the Mon Repos or Skeldon Markerts, the egg is being sold for $47.

Local white eggs

Consumers can buy pork for $580 per pound at Mon Repos and Stabroek Markets, and $350 at Bourda, and $700 at Rosignol Markets. The average pork price is $582 per pound.

A pound of mutton is being sold for $1,350 and $1,500 at Stabroek, and Mon Repos Markets respectively.

Meanwhile, the President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali – led Government continues to hold nationwide discussions with Guyanese to provide immediate relief to the populace.

Through a variety of ground-breaking measures that the government has initiated, Guyana is making enormous gains toward encouraging sustainable development within the nation.  (DPI)

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