Wainwright McIntosh elected Mayor of New Amsterdam, Kirk Fraser is Deputy Mayor


Wainwright McIntosh who contested in the June 12 Local Government Elections for APNU and won his constituency was Friday elected Mayor of New Amsterdam, effectively replacing Winifred Yearwood.

Kirk Fraser, also an APNU candidate who won his constituency, was elected Deputy Mayor.

McIntosh garnered eight votes while Fraser also garnered eight votes (the majority). Carol Trim was also nominated for the Mayoral seat but garnered six votes while Cordell Austin was nominated for the Deputy Mayor seat but garnered six votes.

In his address to the newly elected council, an appreciative McIntosh who previously served as Deputy Mayor said “lets get on with the business of New Amsterdam.”

“With your support we will be able to move this town forward and by extension Guyana”, he further noted.

The Council is made up of Pollyann Schultz, Buster Wright, Vanessa Benjamin, Jevaughn Stephen, Cordell Austin, Onika Ramsuchit, Carol Trim Quacy Isaacs, Joel Amsterdam, Kirk Fraser, Nelson Blake, Wainwright McIntosh, Nicola Luther, and Roopchand Singh.

Meanwhile, the Finance Committee was also set up with Councillor Buster Wright being elected as Chairperson while Quacy Isaacs was nominated as Vice Chairperson. Seven councillors will serve on the finance committee.

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