Jagdeo assures Region Five residents affected by heavy winds of support in rebuilding efforts


Vice President, Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo on Friday engaged Region Five residents whose homes were damaged following heavy winds on Monday, and assured them of government’s support in their rebuilding efforts.

The 13 affected families and other residents from the region, are expected to meet with the vice president next week for further discussions.

“When I reach with the 13 families in Georgetown, they will receive more help and we will also talk about the sporting facilities across the whole region,” Dr. Jagdeo has told residents.

The vice president also noted that residents of No. 28 Village will soon see roads within their community being rehabilitated, and new ones constructed.

“This year we will be doing 100 roads in this region, just like every year, so before you know it all, the roads will be done. We are doing concrete roads in some areas and so persons from that area will get the work,” he noted.

Meanwhile, after the tragic incident, the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) quickly responded to the residents of No. 22 and No. 28 villages, Union, Trafalgar, and Bel Air on Tuesday, and conducted a needs assessment.

On Friday, officials from the commission returned and distributed building materials for the reconstruction of the affected houses.

Some of the residents during the engagement

Michelle McPherson told the Department of Public Information (DPI), “I’m glad that we are getting the help to do back our house. Now that we have some of the materials we would like to start rebuilding as soon as possible.”

Another resident, Tamekea McPherson who lives with her parents said, “I am thankful for the help because it will ease them a lot from spending more money, since they are both pensioners and they aren’t working anywhere.”

The woman hopes to help rebuild her parents’ home as soon as possible with the materials from CDC.

Although she resides with her mother most times, Fiona Massiah has a house that she is gradually moving into, but its roofing was removed by the strong winds.

“I am grateful for what the CDC is doing at the moment for me because I can say I started building my house from scratch without help and to start all over again would be really hard for me,” the young teacher stressed.

Meanwhile, Region Five Chairman Vickchand Ramphal stated that the government will always support its people.

“Because some of them don’t have the resources to rebuild, the government has come on board to assist and it was prompt. That is the way we operate and how the government responds to the needs of the people,” he added.


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