With bigger expectations, Int’l Building Expo returns with more opportunities for Guyanese


Guyana’s International Building Exposition slated for August 24- 27 will continue to highlight the country’s rapid infrastructural transformation and offer patrons more opportunities and deals for building innovations within the local market.

This is according to Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal, who will officially open the event next month at the National Stadium at Providence, East Bank Demerara. This year the exposition is to be held under the theme: ‘Building for all: One Guyana, many opportunities’.

Prime Minister Brigadier (R’td) Mark Phillips, Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water Susan Rodrigues, Minister with responsibility for Public Affairs Kwame McCoy and other officials from the private and public sectors were in attendance at the expo’s launch on Friday at the Amazonia Mall Courtyard, Providence.

Maintaining the technology focused agenda as that of last year’s event, Prime Minister Philips said the country’s building sector must continue to adopt modern techniques. He noted that this event gets the message across while delivering the products necessary for persons to utilise.

Prime Minister Brigadier (R’td) Mark Phillips

“This revolution in building construction has created more opportunities for businesses to market various products and services in [many] areas.

“This is all part of the building revolution making this forthcoming exposition such an eagerly awaited event. The building revolution is also revealing the artistry and skill of our workforce,” the Prime Minister said.

PM Phillips explained that Guyana’s construction force is becoming heavily skilled to provide varied services. However, he reminded that there is a need for more workers in the sector.

In the meantime, the ministry has considered all the ways it can improve the expo which last year saw over 100,000 in attendance. According to Minister Croal, it is a four-day event rather than three and will cater for presentations in the afternoon into the evening when more people turn out rather than the morning as was done last year.

These minor tweaks, he said, will make it easier for attendees and exhibitors to truly enjoy the event.

Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal

“We are going to be providing you the opportunities so exhibitors patrons, you will be able to enjoy sublime experience.

“We intend to ensure that the interactions are result driven and that opportunities for sales are fully explored, and that home builders are also fully, fully benefiting from the interventions,” Minister Croal said.

The ministry is encouraging as many exhibitors who want to participate to signup at the ministry’s secretary department or its website.

The country’s construction sector is undergoing a massive transformation and last year there were many exciting products introduced at the expo. While no such products were mentioned, Minister Croal disclosed that even before the launch on Friday, some 30 businesses already indicated their interest.

One of the main attractions at last year’s event was the model homes, which provided visitors with a glimpse of the various housing options available to Guyanese. Minister Croal said that the low-income, middle-income, and young professional homes developed by the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA), are being expanded to newer areas.

Last year thousands of persons were able to receive houselots through the agency’s ‘Dream Realised’ exercise.

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