More than 700 skilled workers to be employed in oil sector this year


Guyana’s Local Content Secretariat projects that 732 skilled workers will be employed by Tier-1 subcontractors in the oil and gas sector this year.

This is based on an assessment of the Local Content plans submitted by 25 major Tier-1 sub-contractors in Guyana.

The Tier-1 sub-contractors, in this instance, are large-scale companies that provide key support to the ExxonMobil-led consortium producing oil offshore Guyana.

Of that sum, 323 technical workers are needed. These include field and platform operators, several types of technicians, engineers and riggers. Additionally, 294 skilled workers such as drivers, cooks, labourers and machine operators are needed.

Another 27 health workers, 16 business and finances workers and three Information Technology (IT) workers are needed.

These new hires will add to the 2,700 Guyanese already employed in the petroleum sector, based on information provided by the Local Content Secretariat in an ad published in the Guyana Chronicle paper on Monday, July 24.

The need for these workers comes as Guyana is grappling with labour shortage concerns.

Last week, Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill said Guyana’s expanding oil and gas sector is driving up the demand for workers. And in this sector, he said about 1,000 certified welders will be needed soon.

To meet these needs, Edghill reminded people that the government is establishing a new training centre in Region Six (East Berbice- Corentyne).


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