Tropical Shipping Drag Wars 2: Can Team Mohamed’s be dethroned?


There is no room for complacency in the heart-pounding world of drag racing, where split-second decisions and blistering speed can make or break champions.

As the excitement reaches a fever pitch at Tropical Shipping Drag Wars 2, all eyes are on the battle of the titans – Team Mohamed’s, the reigning drag racing royalty, and their hungry rivals ready to snatch the crown.

Team Mohamed’s, with their formidable fleet of four Nissan GTRs, are the stuff of legends. Capable of running an astonishing seven seconds and faster, their GTRs are nothing short of rocket ships on wheels.

Their secret weapon, the Mustang Pro Mod, stands as the epitome of drag racing excellence, holding the track record with a jaw-dropping 7.036 seconds set just last August.

The Pro Mod’s potential to run even faster, potentially breaking the elusive six-second barrier, looms over the competition like a menacing specter.

Team Mohamed’s fleet of Nissan GTRs (Photo: Team Mohamed’s)

These speed demons are no ordinary contenders – their GTRs are meticulously prepped by the renowned T1 Race Development in the United States and maintained by a team of seasoned Guyanese experts. This deadly combination of American engineering and Guyanese finesse has transformed Team Mohamed’s into an invincible force, feared and respected by all.

But as every racing fan knows, there’s nothing more thrilling than a fierce rivalry, and Team Mohamed’s has no shortage of adversaries vying for their throne.

One such rival, Team Daby, has stepped into the limelight with the recent acquisition of a Toyota Solara that once conquered the tracks in the United States with a stunning six-second performance.

Determined to etch their name in Guyana’s drag racing history, Team Daby has enlisted a skilled team to fine-tune and drive the Solara with a single-minded focus – breaking Team Mohamed’s record.

Sheldon Bissessar’s Rail Car (Photo: Ameer Sattaur)

However, the plot thickens even further with the entrance of Trinidadian Sheldon Bissessar into the fray. No stranger to high-stakes competition, Bissessar boasts an impressive racing resume, having competed in IHRA World Championships and shattered records.

Confident after rigorous testing and substantial upgrades to his rail car, he sets his sights on spoiling the Guyanese party and seizing victory at Tropical Shipping Drag Wars 2. Bissessar’s conviction is bolstered by the track’s exceptional grip and immaculate preparation at South Dakota, a perfect battleground for his daring quest.

As the countdown to the big event ticks away, the intensity of the rivalry between these racing giants is palpable. Team Mohamed’s, driven by the pursuit of excellence, relentlessly tests their cars during the off-season, ever determined to one-up their previous performances.

This unwavering commitment makes them an imposing obstacle for any challenger daring to take them on.

July 30 promises to be a day of reckoning as these formidable machines, fine-tuned to perfection, unleash their raw power on the tarmac. With all cars on the brink of breaking the six-second barrier, the stage is set for an electrifying display of speed, skill, and sheer willpower.

In the high-stakes world of drag racing, there are no guarantees. As the contenders line up at the starting line, spectators will witness a clash of titans, each fuelled by an insatiable hunger for victory. This is an event where dreams are made and records are shattered.

So, mark your calendars and buckle up for a breathtaking showdown at Tropical Shipping Drag Wars 2. The question remains, amidst the thundering engines and screeching tires, who will have what it takes to dethrone Team Mohamed’s and etch their name in the annals of Guyana drag racing history?

There’s only one way to find out – be there on July 30 and witness the heart-stopping action unfold before your eyes. Trust us; you want to take advantage of this! (GMR&SC)

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