Police revoke fitness certificates for 10 trucks during early morning EBD operation


Certificates of Fitness for 10 lorries were revoked Friday morning by the police during an early morning traffic operation at Friendship on the East Bank of Demerara.

The traffic enforcement exercise was conducted between 04:00hrs and 06:00hrs, targeting motor lorries.

Sergeant Haynes, Corporal Halley and a party of traffic ranks held the Enforcement Exercise and the following cases were made:

Maintenance of tyre – 5

Unlighted Motor vehicle (rear) – 4

Unlighted Motor vehicle (front) – 2

Faulty packing of load – 4

Breach of Condition of Prescribed Fitness – 6

TOTAL – 21 cases

The ‘Certificate of Fitness’ for 10 of the lorries pulled in during the exercise was revoked.

The exercise was conducted one day after Police Commander 4(B) Superintendent Mahendra Singh and his driver Police Constable, Ellery Mason were injured after a speeding truck collided with their vehicle.

On Thursday, traffic ranks also met with truck drivers on Mandela Avenue.

Eight lorry drivers were present, and the following topics were discussed: defensive driving; overtaking improperly; reckless, careless, and dangerous driving; speeding; breaking distance, accessory lights, maintenance of motor vehicle; road markings and signs; parking improperly and lighting on trucks.

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