Man shoots injured horse and then burns carcass


Police have arrested Ivan Dash, a 28-year-old labourer of Vergenoegen, East Bank Essequibo, who allegedly shot and killed an injured horse at about 09:30 hrs on Monday at the Vergenoegen sea dam.

Dash told the Police that his horse was crossing over a bridge when one of the boards broke, and the horse’s back leg fell through.

This resulted in the back right leg of the horse sustaining severe injuries. Dash said the horse was in visible pain and groaning loudly, and because of this, he went to the seawall and shot the horse in the head, resulting in the animal’s death. He later burnt the carcass.

According to a press release from Police Headquarters, Dash gave a written statement to the Police, under caution, about what transpired.  When questioned about where he got the firearm from and whether he was the holder of a firearm license, Dash said he does not own a firearm, nor does he have such license.

According to Dash, when he saw the horse was seriously injured and groaning, he went to one of his friends (name withheld), who is a licensed firearm holder.

Dash claimed that he and the friend proceeded to the Vergenoegen seawall, and after his friend hesitated to shoot the horse, he took the gun from his friend and shot the horse in the head.

Police contacted Dash’s friend, who denied giving anyone his licensed firearm, claiming he was not at the scene or was he aware of what Dash was talking about.

Police took possession of the firearm, which is now lodged at the Leonora Police Station pending investigation.

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