Suspected bandit shot dead, another captured after alleged robbery


A 23-year-old suspected bandit was shot and killed while his alleged accomplice was captured after they allegedly executed a robbery in the city.

The dead man has been identified as Abenigo Trotman, a resident of Tiger Bay, Georgetown. The shooting occurred around 10:30 hrs on King Street, Georgetown.

Reports are that Trotman and his accomplice were trying to escape after carrying out a robbery; it is not clear at this time who they allegedly robbed.

Police and bystanders at the crime scene (Photo: News Room/August11, 2023)

The News Room is also unable to confirm who executed the fatal shooting as some reports indicate it was the Police and others point to a civilian.

Trotman, however, was shot to the chest. And in their bid to escape, Trotman and his alleged accomplice collided with a car that was proceeding along King Street.

It was then that the accomplice reportedly tried to escape but was apprehended by the Police.

Investigators remain at the scene and the News Room will provide more information as it becomes available.

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