Teen fatally stabbed while trying to part fight at Leopold St.


A young man was fatally stabbed on Saturday morning at Leopold Street, Werk-en-Rust, Georgetown, while trying to part a fight.

Dead is 18-year-old Noel Fraser of 101 Leopold Street.

His mother, Carol Fraser, told the News Room that he was at home when the fight occurred in the yard; Carol and her family live in a yard that has several houses.

The distraught mother said her son was stabbed in the right side chest area.

“I don’t know how this thig happen; I just look out and see my son get stab. He run in the neghbour yard and I start to holler.

Carol Fraser, the mother of Noel

“Is some story with some other body and he go to part and he get stab up. I am hurt…I blame my son. Meeno what he go in the people story for, left them let them fight. I blame he,” the woman said.

Carol said she tried to save her youngest son.

“I try to save my son and next thing I know he done get stab and I started to call for help.

“I feel hurt because he is my last [youngest] child…I feel hurt, I stressed out, at least if the Police did arrive early none of this wouldn’t have happened,” she added.

Noel was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital by the Police where he was pronounced dead.

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  1. derk says

    Another young life has been lost senselessly and prematurely with the use of an object which was carried and use by someone who sees this method as the only way to solve an argument.
    This culture has to be changed with the help appropriate root causes analyses to determine the reasons and prevent them from occurring .
    There will always be arguments and disagreements but stabbing will never be the solution.

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