12-member Badminton team off to CAREBACO Junior tournament in T&T


Junior Guyanese players will be heating up the Badminton courts in Trinidad and Tobago as they compete in the 2023 CAREBACO Junior Badminton Tournament from August 17 to 20.

The Guyana Badminton Association (GBA) is hopeful to the youngsters will bring home medals for their country.

The 12 players will be coached by national players, Priyanna Ramdhani and Akili Haynes. The team will be accompanied by GBA President Emelia Ramdhani and Martina Bacchus-Felix.

The team will depart for the Twin-Island Republic on Wednesday.

Gianna Ramnarine      –           Under-13 and Under-15 (Singles and Doubles)

Gabrielle Felix            –           Under-15 (Singles and Doubles)

Avinash Ramnarine     –           Under-15 and Under-17 (Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles)

Naveah Eastman         –           Under-17 (Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles)

Genvieve Bookram     –           Under-17 (Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles)

Jonathan Debidin        –           Under-17 (Singles and Doubles)

Gabriel Felix               –           Under-17 (Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles)

Nikolas Pollard           –           Under-17 (Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles)

Frank Waddell            –           Under-19 (Singles and Doubles)

Raah Russell               –           Under-19 (Singles and Doubles)

Haresh Persaud           –           Under-19 (Singles and Doubles)

Jonathan Robinson      –           Under-19 (Singles and Doubles)

Following the junior tournament, the Trinidad and Tobago International Senior Tournament will be held from August 22-26.

Akili Haynes and Priyanna Ramdhani will be competing in the Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, Mixed Doubles and Women’s Doubles. Ramdhani will team up with a player from Barbados in the Women’s Doubles.

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