13 persons better equipped to respond to needs of industrial sector following MACORP training


To respond to the needs of the industrial sector, Machine Incorporation of Guyana Limited (MACORP) recently trained several persons with the necessary skills to conduct heavy-duty machine maintenance.

A batch of 13 trainees who underwent technicial training at the MACORP learning center are now equipped to better serve the industrial sector in Guyana. The 15th Trainee Technicians Graduation Ceremony was held on Thursday at the company’s office in Providence, East Bank Demerara.

MACORP’s Training Department offers training for new and experienced operators. In this program, operators are taught using the blended teaching methodology.

Dr Ritesh Tularam, the Deputy Chief Education Officer with responsibility for technical training at the Ministry of Education, advised the graduates to stay grounded in their pursuits.

From left: Joel Sukhai who was the second best graduating student, Rajendra Puran who was the third best graduating student, Ronessa Rose who was the fourth best graduating student and Dane Mattan who was the valedictorian (Photo: MACORP/ August 17, 2023)


“Guyana is well positioned at the precipice of significant transformational development…I hope you are preparing yourself and understanding the changing landscape that is happening in Guyana, the emerging sector as well as the traditional sectors.

“I firmly believe that you are placed at a critical juncture after your robust training you are now equipped with that degree of competency,” Tularam said.

Valedictorian of the batch, Dane Mattan (Photo: MACORP/ August 17, 2023)

The trainees underwent robust training for six months to properly respond to the sector’s needs. Valedictorian of the batch and the only woman participant, Dane Mattan and Ronessa Rose, both said they wish to pursue further training under the company.

“My initial job was being a mechanic…It was a bit tedious trying to manage everything, going home and studying and all of us had other things to do as well but we persevered,” Mattan said.

Rose, who was trained in electric power engineering level one, said “It feels empowering and great, I love being a trail blazer and showcasing that girls can excel in anything that they put their minds to.”

Other trainees who graduated on Thursday are Brian Chattersingh, Sitholli Ali, Calwyn Henry, Joel Sukhai, Kumar Sukanandan, Alvin Goriah, Teon Jones, Kobe Devine, Matthew Garib, and Rajendra Puran.

Amid the growing demand for industrial production in Guyana, the trainees can carry out mechanical maintenance which is a great skill company’s and other similar businesses seek when hiring.

The President and General Manager of the company, German Consuergra said this milestone equips the graduates with skills and knowledge that will propel them into many opportunities, especially with industrial advancement in Guyana.

“It is your hard work and unwavering commitment that brought you to this milestone, you are now equipped with skills to make a difference. You have demonstrated your ability to overcome challenges and adapt to the ever-evolving technological landscape. You have built invaluable foundations and it is now to you to push the boundaries of your knowledge,” he encouraged the graduates.




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