House collapses with mother, daughter inside at Bath Settlement


A 37-year-old single mother used her body to protect her eight-year-old daughter on Thursday night after their wooden house collapsed on them.

The incident occurred at around 22:30 hrs at Cow Dam, at Bath Settlement, West Coast Berbice.

Kamlawattie Ramnauth said she had just closed her door when she heard “crackling” sounds and immediately knew it was the house.

According to Ramnauth, she has been living at the house for the past nine years but became a single parent two years ago after separating from her husband.

The woman, who rides a bicycle and sells plantain chips, eggball and other foods, told the News Room that she escaped with a minor injury to her wrist while her daughter was unharmed.

“Everything breakdown and we can’t go in back to see what damage or take out anything because the house falling more…” she disclosed.

Ramnauth and her daughter stayed at a neighbour’s house for the remainder of the night.

She is open to anyone willing to assist her in rebuilding the house. Persons can contact Ramnauth on 652-1780 or 681-4787 (Pandit).

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