Speeding, tinted vehicles lead traffic cases on East Coast roadways


A total of 140 traffic cases were made on Friday against errant drivers on the East Coast of Demerara roadways who were found in breach of several traffic related offences.

Out of the cases, 59 were for speeding and 11 were related to tinted motor vehicles.

The other offences include uncertified motor vehicles, maintenance of motor vehicles, failure to produce driver’s licence, uninsured motor vehicles, unlicensed motor vehicles, breach of insurance, breach of provisional driver’s license, failure to confirm to sign, failure to wear seatbelt and safety helmet, obscure ID mark, and breach of traffic light.

Tinted motor vehicles and speeding account for most of the cases. (Photo: GPF/August, 19,2023)

Police Headquarters said the cases were made during a traffic enforcement exercise which was conducted between 07:00hrs and 18:00hrs.

The Guyana Police Force has embarked on a massive campaign to tackle the 30 percent increase in road accidents for the year so far.

Among the latest initiatives is the ‘Respect the Road’ campaign which is geared at educating citizens and children on the safe use of the roadways.

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