Air gun, revolver found in taxi driver’s Stratsphey house


A taxi driver was on Saturday arrested following the discovery of an Air Gun and an unlicensed revolver at his Stratsphey, East Coast Demerara (ECD) house.

The discovery was made around 06:00 hrs during a Police operation at the Lot 161 Area ‘G’ Stratsphey property, where Raphael Samuels resides.

Police Headquarters said a team of about 20 ranks in six vehicles went to the location where they informed the occupants that they would like to search the house and well as their personal belongings, and they complied.

While searching Samuels’ bedroom, the ranks found a black metal object suspected to be an Air Gun which was wrapped in a yellow pillowcase.

And during a further search, a .38 Taurus revolver without ammunition was found in a black plastic bag on a wooden vanity in the room.

Police said Samuels was asked to produce a firearm license which he said he did not have.

He was immediately arrested.

Samuels, as well as two other occupants of the house, were escorted to the Vigilance Police Station.

Samuel was placed into custody pending investigation. He is expected to be charged soon.

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