NISA building officially renamed after Dr Luncheon


To honour the significant role Dr Roger Luncheon played in developing Guyana’s national security architecture, the National Intelligence Security Agency (NISA) building was on Friday renamed in his honour.

Speaking at the dedication ceremony, President Dr Irfaan Ali said Dr Luncheon, who served as Head of the Presidential Secretariat and Cabinet Secretary, was a symbol of commitment to national security.

“Dr Luncheon played a central role in shaping our country’s national policies and plans as a Secretary of the Defense Board, he acted in coordinated efforts to protect our nation from internal and external threats.

The plaque bearing the new name of the building, Doctor Roger Forbes  Luncheon Building National Intelligence and Security Agency (Photo: Office of the President/ August 25, 2023)

“His dedication to the well-being of our citizens and his tireless work in maintaining law and order is of public record and acclaim,” the Head of State said during the dedication ceremony on Friday at Homestretch Avenue, Georgetown.

NISA was established in 2010; the building will now have displays of Dr. Luncheon’s work and achievements as a public figure in Guyana.

Dr. Luncheon passed away on August 2 after an extended period of illness at the Georgetown Public Hospital; he was 74 years old.

He is remembered for many remarkable efforts to strengthen the country’s intelligence and security apparatus as well as forming necessary policies and plans. He was a dedicated public servant and visionary thinker who understood the importance of safeguarding the values of democracy, justice and human rights.

President Dr Irfaan Ali and other officials at the unveiling of the plaque (Photo: Office of the President/ August 25, 2023)

“It is fitting that the National Intelligence Security Agency building should be named after Dr Luncheon. We are not only also associating his legacy and caliber with national security…we are not only paying homage to a man of exceptional caliber but also associating his legacy with protecting our motherland,” Dr Ali said.

The Head of State added that Dr Luncheon, unfortunately, died before he could be awarded for his tremendous service to Guyana.

Dr Luncheon’s son, Shaka, in an emotional vote of thanks said, “The significance of this dedication goes beyond mere words that I can truly express.

“It stands for my father’s values, dedication to work hard to further not only the security but the continued development of Guyana and to be patriotic to not only his country but to our country we are truly humbled by this gesture.”

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