Cop shot during robbery at West Bank supermarket


Police are investigating the armed robbery of the Wang Wang # 2 Supermarket at Onderneeming, West Bank Demerara, which occurred at about 19:30 hrs Saturday and resulted in the shooting of a Police Corporal.

Police Headquarters reported that the owner of the supermarket, a 42-year-old Chinese businessman was robbed of an undisclosed amount of cash.

Colin Hall, a Police Corporal of the Court Superintendent’s Office at Leonora Police Station, was robbed of a gold chain, cash and other items.

He was shot to the upper left leg and is now a patient at the West Demerara Regional Hospital.

The robbery was committed by two identifiable men, both of whom were armed with handguns.

It is alleged that while the businessman and his wife were behind the counter, a black XR motorcycle stopped outside the supermarket, and two suspects, both dressed in blue jeans and black hoodies with masks on their faces, dismounted the motorcycle.

According to the Police, one of the suspects ran to the supermarket entrance, held the unarmed Security Guard at gunpoint, and ordered him to lie on the ground while the other suspect remained at the front, closer to the motorcycle.

One of the suspects then went behind the counter and held the businessman at gunpoint during which he opened the drawers and took out the cash, which he pushed into his crotch and pockets, and quickly exited.

Corporal Hall, who was imbibing at the front of the supermarket, was robbed of his property by the other suspect, who remained outside.

While robbing Corporal Hall, the suspect discharged a round from his firearm, hitting the cop on his upper left leg.

The two suspects then escaped on the motorcycle.

Public-spirited citizens rushed Corporal Hall to the hospital.

Detectives processed the scene, and one .32 spent shell was recovered in the vicinity where Corporal Hall was standing.

A search is ongoing for the suspects.

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