Gold miner stabbed to death at Imbaimadai Landing


Stenson Roland, a 35-year-old miner, was killed on Saturday at the Imbaimadai Landing, Upper Mazaruni River, Region Seven.

Police Headquarters reported that Roland was consuming alcohol at a shop located at the landing when he was approached by someone identified only as Rohaman. That individual reportedly stabbed Roland with a knife to his upper left side chest and then fled into the bushes.

When Police Officers arrived at the scene, they reportedly saw the body of Roland lying on the ground, clad in green trousers and a blood-soaked grey vest.

The body was examined, and a puncture wound was seen on the upper left-side chest area.

The gold miner was examined by a Community Health Worker who pronounced him dead at the scene. Roland’s body was then taken to the health centre in the area, awaiting a post-mortem examination.

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