Enmore mechanic beaten during wedding house brawl


A 37-year-old mechanic sustained serious injuries to his face last Saturday after he was allegedly attacked during a scuffle at a wedding house at Enmore, East Coast Demerara (ECD).

The Police have since arrested his attacker.

Police Headquarters confirmed that an investigation has been launched into the alleged assault committed on Chetram Tomby, a resident of Enmore, ECD, at about 23:45hrs at 18th Street Foulis, ECD.

According to a Police report, Tomby and a group of friends were at the wedding house imbibing when an argument ensued between him and an identifiable man.

The argument escalated and a scuffle ensued, the Police said.

During the process, Police said Tomby armed himself with a beer bottle and dealt the other individual a lash to his shoulder, causing him to receive injuries.

Upon noticing this, the Police said the man and the other individual approached Tomby and attacked him with a beer bottle, inflicting several blows to his face.

The man then fled the scene.

A report was made at the Enmore Police Station.

Tomby and the other individual involved in the initial scuffle were sent to seek medical attention.

Police said the suspect was later arrested and is presently in custody, assisting with the investigation.

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