‘Norton can pick up the phone & call at anytime’ – President Ali


President Dr. Irfaan Ali on Wednesday said he has tried to engage Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton but it is Norton who seems as though he doesn’t want to engage. Still, the President says Norton can call him at any time and he will engage him cordially and friendly.

President Ali told reporters that he is keen on fulfilling his constitutional responsibilities including those that require him to consult with the Opposition Leader.

Dr. Ali believes that he has been doing so, stating that he engaged the Opposition Leader on every matter that required consultations.

He also noted that he is open to any discussions beyond those required by the constitution.

“The Leader of the Opposition can pick up the phone tomorrow and I’ll answer him.

“The Leader of the Opposition can pick up the phone tomorrow and ask, ‘How you’re doing Mr. President?’ and I’ll say, ‘Norton, my friend, how are you?” President Ali said.

Talks between the President and Opposition Leader have been strained with both parties accusing the other of refusing to engage.

But President Ali said he has tried to engage Norton several times to no avail.

“I tried twice to shake the man’s hands and he refused.

“Now you’re telling me I must try again? Why he can’t try? No, because it is inconvenient for the narrative for him to try,” President Ali said on the sidelines of an event on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the President also disclosed that he and Joseph Harmon, the former Opposition Leader, engaged in private discussions before he (Harmon) was replaced by Norton.-

Those talks included discussions on development issues.

He also said he even speaks to other opposition members daily.

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  1. habeeb says

    Somebody get Norton a phone quick before he forget how to use it.
    The President can’t sit around waiting, he has a country to run.
    And please, walk with mask and hand sanitizer when meeting the prezzy.
    Stop failing your supporters, Norton. The next time they can’t count on you,
    like how you will (hopefully) count on them.

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