ANSA McAL announces emphasis on real estate development in new strategic vision


See below Press Release from ANSA McAL Group

The ANSA McAL Group wishes to announce its strategic decision to streamline its business operations in Guyana to continue its path of a sustainable future and growth trajectory.

Effective 1st September, 2023, the Distribution operations at ANSA McAL Trading Limited (Guyana) (AMTL) will officially transition to ANSA McAL Distribution Inc. (AMDI).

This move, according to Mr. Troy Cadogan, Managing Director, AMTL, will facilitate greater alignment with the strategic vision of the Group’s Distribution Sector and will benefit all stakeholders, in addition to the immeasurable contributions to Guyana’s economy.

“AMDI, as an independent entity, will add value to the already stellar portfolio of AMTL. We remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering products and brands to our wholesale and retail customers in the most efficient, cost-effective manner, supported by brand management at World Class Standards”, Mr. Cadogan stated.

For the past thirty years, AMTL has stood as the largest, most prominent, and constantly expanding distribution company in Guyana. The company will continue the operations of the Group with an emphasis on Real Estate Development in Guyana.

The ANSA McAL Group has made exceptional contributions to the business and cultural landscape in Guyana and remains committed to the nation’s continuous development through each business sector in which it operates.

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