‘Sad shape’ – PNC effectively bankrupt, members extorted businesses when in Gov’t – Jagdeo


The financial standing of the main opposition People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R) came into focus on Thursday during a press conference hosted by Vice President, Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo.

He said that based on recent utterances by Opposition Leader, Aubrey Norton, the party seems to be in a “sad shape” financially, almost on the brink of bankruptcy.

“According to what he has been saying, the party is effectively bankrupt and looking for funding,” Jagdeo told reporters during the briefing at the Office of the President.  Norton recently hosted a series of meetings during his visit to North America.

The VP added, “This is very telling when a party is just out of government.”

Jagdeo said the PNC-led coalition (APNU+AFC) splurged on the party while in government, buying expensive items and constructing new offices.

“I saw the cutlery Congress Place (the PNC Headquarters) bought, in 100 years we wouldn’t have those,” Jagdeo added.

He said there was also the extortion of businesses by members of the PNC, noting that those businesses can no longer be approached for support.

“It’s a sad shape, they have limited prospects of winning power given their policies or lack of… this is a party that has been around since the 1950s,” Jagdeo lamented.

Earlier this month it was reported that insufficient funds were preventing the party from hosting its General Council Meeting – the second highest decision-making body in the party.

“Imagine they can’t host a General Council meeting because they don’t have $2.5M… how bad can you get?

“Really, it’s shocking to me,” the Vice President said.

Norton’s leadership of the PNC/R and wider political opposition has been constantly criticized amid allegations of financial mismanagement.

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  1. habeeb says

    I can help Norton manage the PNC treasury of funds, or lack thereof. But, HE has to go- even if Timbuktu is the alternative. I can advise him to change the party status to one which receive AFRICAN funding, like the one headed by Vinnie of the Gecom. He might just be lucky.aol

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