Contract signed for new US$161 million hospital at New Amsterdam


A contract was signed recently for the construction of a new hospital at New Amsterdam, Region Six (East Berbice- Corentyne), Health Minister Dr. Frank Anthony announced at the weekend.

Dr. Anthony made the announcement during his address to a neonatal conference at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre at Liliendaal, Georgetown.

“We’ve also just recently signed a contract for the construction of a new New Amsterdam Hospital.

“This would be at the same level as the new (paediatric hospital at Ogle) and this would have approximately 220 beds with five operating theatres,” the Health Minister said.

Minister of Health Dr Frank Anthony

The News Room was informed on Monday that the overall cost for the new hospital is US $161 million.

The contract signing was not previously announced. On August 14, however, Dr. Anthony told residents of Fort Ordinance, Region Six, that the construction of the new hospital would start soon.

Further, he opined that the services of the existing New Amsterdam Hospital have been “outlived” and he promised then that the new hospital will offer the “best of surgery” and other specialised services.

The existing hospital is the most advanced in Region Six and it is the biggest hospital in Guyana after the Georgetown Public Hospital, which is the country’s main referral hospital.

Meanwhile, Dr. Anthony also told the neonatal conference that the new hospital will have a designated training space for health workers and a section for psychiatric patients.

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  1. habeeb says

    Just early today I read of a young woman dying at the NA Hospital for lack of personnel in attendance.
    Now, Mr. Minister, if you can’t provide care for the sick at a low level (newer) hospital by the mad house, how could you with this NEWEST one ? The older hospital at Charles Place, in the town was better with LESS PERSONNEL to serve less people. Just looking at that photo of the young woman’s face who died, you could tell she was on the way quicker than expected because HEALTH PERSONNEL was not around to attend to her.
    How many more deaths Anthony ? How many more at this hospital ?

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