Teachers’ salary adjustments, other benefits to be discussed by month-end


A rapidly transforming economy is driving the demand for more skilled and semi-skilled workers and in turn, salary increases.

And as he spoke about changes in the labour market, President Dr. Irfaan Ali on Saturday announced that consultations on salary adjustments and other benefits with teachers will commence by month-end.

“As soon as I return from the (United Nations), those consultations will commence,” President Ali said during a press conference hosted at the State House in Georgetown.

The President will be in Washington DC this week for a number of meetings with government and non-governmental players. He will later head to New York for the United Nations (UN) General Assembly.

The General Assembly wraps up at the end of September, so it is expected that the consultations with teachers will commence then.

President Dr Irfaan Ali made the announcement during a press conference at State House (Photo: Office of the President/ September 9, 2023)

While responding to questions, the President noted that he wouldn’t “preempt” what issues the teachers would raise with him but he reminded the gathering that the government was considering salary adjustments for teachers as there have been for other groups.

He was keen to note that those adjustments aren’t the only measure the government is mulling to help improve the lives of teachers.

Dr. Ali said he also wants to talk to teachers about the ways in which the government can work with them to improve the education sector.

The Head of State, however, pointed out that the government is eyeing similar adjustments and benefits for other categories of workers.

For example, in the healthcare sector where salary adjustments were announced last year, the President said Health Minister Dr. Frank Anthony has been tasked with starting a second round of consultations.

“…We want to target a holistic menu of measures that will improve the welfare and wellbeing of our workers all across Guyana,” Dr. Ali explained.

Meanwhile, in the sugar sector, which is showing signs of turning around, the President said workers’ concerns are also being addressed. Those workers, he noted, raised issues about the number of days they are working.

With some workers wanting to work a minimum of five days while others, six, the President said the government will engage the group so a “common solution” can be found.

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