Overcrowding eased, improved output expected as new $95M wing commissioned at Bishop’s High school


Significant resources are being invested in the education sector to ensure that students are provided with high-quality education and students are being called upon to be responsible in utilising them to prepare for their future.

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand made the call as she commissioned the new Mrs Maureen Massiah wing at the Bishops’ High School on Monday.

The structure, built at a cost of $95 million, was named after one of the school’s longest-serving principal.

It consists of eight classrooms, a laboratory, and a cafeteria which was designed specially to allow students to bond during their leisure time.

It will house first form students.

Delivering the keynote address at the commissioning ceremony, Manickchand said the structure forms part of the Ministry’s effort to provide a high-quality of education to every student.

The structure was named after one of the school’s longest serving principal, Mrs Maureen Massiah (Photo: Ministry of Education/September 11, 2023)

Because of overcrowding, Manickchand said a number of new secondary schools are being built across the country and emphasis is being placed on expanding the five national schools of the country.

“We want a student who is academically strong and so the academic programme is not going to slow down. It is only going to get better.

“We want you to do well in Math, English and Social Studies and in science and business studies…but we also want students who can cope wherever they land and who can add to this earth…,” Manickchand said,

Upon completion of high school, Manickchand said the Ministry wants every student to be able to play one sport, one musical instrument, one technical field and have a “strong sense” of volunteerism.

Minister of Education Priya Manickchand commissioned the new structure on Monday (Photo: Ministry of Education/September 11, 2023)

And from this year, Manickchand noted that the Bishop’s High School is going to allow cross streaming.

“That memo is coming out shortly where all the national schools and list A schools will allow cross streaming.

“From this year, students in fourth form are going to be allowed to write if they want to and if they are eligible, Math, English, Literature, one foreign language and possibly EDPM (Electronic Document Preparation and Management) in fourth form,” she said.

“Children you have a responsibility here. You are going to get all the resources, you are going to get a fully staffed school, you are going to get all the peripheries you need including landscaping…but you have a duty as children, as students to use these resources to become the best version of yourself,” Manickchand urged the students.

Meanwhile, in brief remarks, Maureen Massiah, who served as the principal of the Bishops’ High School for 15 years, said she was honoured and privileged to have her service recognised.

She urged the students to allow themselves to develop.

“…you aim high to succeed academically but in everything else that you do, you make sure that you perform well.

“Be your very best. Allow yourselves to develop into your very best selves. This is so important,” she said.


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