Mahdia vendors nabbed with marijuana


Two vendors were arrested on Tuesday after a search at their Mahdia, Region Eight home unearthed 577 grams of marijuana.

In custody are Cecelia Ann Roberts, 55, and Kwame Roberts, 37, of 111 Miles, Mahdia.

According to a Police report, the discovery was made between 04:45hrs and 05:10hrs after ranks from the Mahdia Police station carried out a search at the house of the suspects.

The marijuana found by the Police. (Photo: GPF/September 12, 2023)

The marijuana, which was in 33 transparent Ziploc bags, was found in a handbag, Police said.

“A further search was carried out, and the ranks found two plastic bags containing suspected marijuana and several empty packs of ziploc bags, tobacco leaves, and scissors,” the Police report added.

The suspects were arrested and escorted to Mahdia Police Station where the marijuana was weighed it their presence.

It amounted to 557 grams.

They were placed in custody pending charges.

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