Travel agency robbed of $1.6M, guns & ammo

… Two persons arrested, confess to crime


Police arrested two men who subsequently admitted to breaking into the office of a David Street, Kitty travel agency and carting off with a safe containing six firearms, a quantity of ammunition and $1.6 million in cash on Saturday.

In custody are Grimmond Rodrigues, 66, and Clinton Kissoon, also known as Clinton Gobin and ‘Big Nose.’

The men were accused of breaking into the Sky West and Aplus Total Solution Inc. office. They reportedly stole a safe containing two 12 gauge shotguns, one .32 pistol, two AR rifles, one Glock 25 9mm pistol and ammunition.

A total of $1.6 million in cash was stolen as well.

The items belong to Orlando Rogers, a 40-year-old businessman. All of the firearms are licensed.

Some of the firearms stolen

Rodrigues was the alleged driver of the car used in the robbery while Kissoon was one of the men who allegedly carried out the crime.

The News Room was reliably informed that both men were arrested at the weekend. Investigators questioned the men and they both confessed to their roles in the robbery that occurred at about 02:40 hrs Saturday.

The three other suspects have been identified as Kelvin Mickle called Joey and Corint Taylor; who both live in Albouystown, Georgetown, and Kevin Allicock. These men are yet to be apprehended.

According to information provided to the News Room, Rogers and his staff secured the building and left for home at around 16:30 hrs Friday.

The building, which is monitored by security cameras, is usually overlooked by a 59-year-old caretaker. At around 02:40 hrs Saturday, however, the caretaker reportedly went to use the washroom but was confronted by two suspects.

Those suspects tied the caretaker’s hands and feet then asked him to lie on the ground.

The bandits then entered the building through a glass window which was partially opened. Based on surveillance footage, they appeared to be armed with a clawbar and they used that to get an office door open. The safe was kept in that office.

The bandits then used a trolley and placed the safe in a waiting motorcar before making good their escape.

The vehicle used in the robbery

Subsequently, the caretaker managed to untie himself and raised an alarm. When the Police were informed, investigations commenced.

The News Room was told that investigators, acting on information received, went to the Melanie Back Road, East Coast Demerara, where they arrested Rodrigues.

He was questioned and admitted to being part of the planning and execution of the robbery. He also implicated the three suspects who carried out the robbery.

The News Room was also informed that Rodrigues told the Police that he dropped off his three accomplices at Meadow Bank wharf following the robbery. There, he said they opened the safe and upon seeing the firearms, they got scared and left them in the safe. He denied receiving any cash from the robbery.

Ranks later went to William Street, Kitty, where Kissoon was arrested. At the time of his arrest, he was in a wagon motor car that was used to transport the safe with the items from the scene.

Kissoon also admitted to being part of the robbery and supported Rodrigues’ account of what transpired. However, he told the Police that he threw the safe in the river.

Further investigations were, however, conducted and ranks went to Sussex Street, Albouystown where they recovered four firearms in a white salt bag near a lamp post in the grass.

Checks were made for the other suspects but they were not located. Meanwhile, the firearms found were lodged and the men were placed in custody as the investigation continues.

  1. Matthew says

    You fools……5 men that is a months salary if ya’all work overtime. stop being so thick headed and start educating yourself.

  2. habeeb says

    Those are LONG GUNS and probably kept in a locked GUN SAFE .
    Not the same quality like a large, heavy where valuables are kept and locked with a combination lock.
    The police are lucky to recover the guns quickly….before all hell broke loose in the country.

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