Roundabout accident: Driver to pay $2.1M for damages


The driver who was involved in the accident which destroyed parts of the recently commissioned Eccles/Haags Bosch roundabout has been ordered to pay the state $2.1M for the costs expended to repair infrastructure.

The order was communicated in a letter sent to the driver, Troy Humphrey, by the Attorney General Chambers.

The money is to be paid within 14 days after receiving the letter dated September 20, 2023.

“If you fail to do so, legal proceedings would be instituted against you for recovery of the aforesaid sum as special damages along with general damages, interests and costs,” the letter stated.

According to the letter, the sum of $2.1M was expended by the Government to conduct emergency works to the damage caused mainly to the water fountain and other sections of the roundabout as a result of the accident.

“The emergency repair works cost a total of two million one hundred thousand dollars ($2,100,000)and included mobilization and demobilisation; demolition of damaged sections and removal of debris from the site; replacement of stone pavers, repairs to the fountain rails inclusive of tiling; supply and installation of stone tiles to fountain exterior and mosaic tiles to fountain interior; draining of fountain, degreasing of fountain; cleaning of fountain of oil and other contaminants; replacement of jet, pump repairs and electrical works; replacement of fountain light; replacement of filter materials due to contamination; the supply distilled water to fill fountain and pressure washing, cleaning and clearing of the site,” the AG letter detailed.

In a separate statement, the AG Chambers said statutory authorities will be working “aggressively” to recover compensation for damages and destruction done to public property.

This, the statement said is part of a “myriad” of measures aimed at addressing the recklessness and negligence by road users, resulting in carnage and destruction of public property.

“A similar approach will be adopted in relation to the destruction and damage to public property by whatever cause,” the statement said.

According to the statement, billions of dollars are spent annually to repair and reconstruct public property damaged and destroyed by unlawful and/or irresponsible conduct.

“Needless to say, this measure will be in addition to the institution of all relevant criminal charges disclosed resulting from investigations conducted by the Guyana Police Force,” the statement highlighted.

Humphrey was the driver of motor car, PAB 805 when the accident occurred around 21:40hrs on September 15.

It was reported that the car was proceeding south on the eastern carriageway of the Eccles to Mandela four-lane Road at a fast rate.

As the vehicle approached the intersection, where there is a recently-commissioned roundabout, Police said the driver failed to stop and continued further south. He subsequently crashed into the roundabout.

As a result of the collision, parts of the roundabout and the vehicle was extensively damaged.

Humphrey and the two occupants received injuries to their heads and other parts of their bodies. They were taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital for treatment.

Police also said open and sealed bottles of alcoholic beverages were observed at the scene in and out of the vehicle. Investigations into the matter continue.



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  1. habeeb says

    I have been saying this same thing for a long time: Even the dead ( deceased estate) must pay. Too much attention been given to reckless drivers utilizing emergency and other personnel, hospitalization etc.. and not to recovery of damages to public property of taxpayers.. Better start laying the bodies on the grass parapet for family to recover/ rush to hospital as needed. The FREEBEE must stop. Same for crashed vehicles, those in trenches, canals.. Public monies should not be used for speedsters, recklessness, dare devils using the roads-others have to use also safely.

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