Norton says Daniel Seeram should ‘do the right thing’ and resign


With criminal charges pending for Chairman of Region Four (Demerara-Mahaica), Daniel Seeram over allegations that he assaulted his wife and brandished his weapon in the process, his political leader Aubrey Norton believes he should give up the public office.

Norton is the Opposition Leader and heads the main opposition party – the People’s National Congress Reform PNC/R – where Seeram sits as an executive member.

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) recently recommended that Seeram be charged over the September 11 incident at his Cummings Lodge apartment.

Asked about whether he thinks Seeram should resign, particularly since this is not the first time he has been charged with such a crime, Norton answered in the affirmative.

“As it relates to the resignation, I think Daniel Seeram understands the nature of what has happened. It is true it is not the first time and I will leave it to him to do the decent thing,” Norton said.

“We are a party in which there are a lot of women and we oppose vehemently any attempt to embarrass, assault or do anything to women,” he added.

Sources told the News Room that Seeram returned home during the wee hours of September 11 during which he and his wife got into a heated argument.

The argument escalated and the couple ended up in a scuffle during which they allegedly beat each other. It is also alleged that Seeram brandished his licensed firearm during the incident.

Seeram eventually left the apartment and a report was made at the Turkeyen Police station by his wife. At the time, there were visible marks of violence about her body.

Currently, both Seeram and his wife are on station bail. In March last year, the former Guyana Defence Force (GDF) captain was involved in a similar incident.

He was charged and placed on bail for allegedly threatening his father-in-law with a gun during a heated argument at MovieTowne, Turkeyen.

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  1. Derk says

    It is indeed unfortunate to see intelligent people ‘loosing it’ and behaving in this inexplicable manner.
    In my view individuals in high offices are very stressed and therefore should be treated with respect and be counselled rather that be ostracised by all and sundry.

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